Salt is the most precious among all the gemstones the Earth provides us.

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The a.b.t. GmbH based in Bocholt, North Rhine-Westphalia, has been an international trading enterprise since 1985.

We supply large quantities of deicing salt in different packing units in a reliable manner and continuously increasing in sales.

Our high-quality salt and our good service convince our customers and affects a constantly increasing customer base. Our salt meets the specific requirements of “tl strew 2003” and we pay special attention to environmental protection. Convince yourself by our certificate of analysis.

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Industrial salt is used within numerous ranges of industry and handicraft. The spectrum varies from the production of dye over stitching leather up to the production of textiles.
Our industrial salt is high pure and we guarantee a cut-off of 99% sodium chloride.

a.b.t. industrial salt can be supplied in different granulations; further granulations on request. If required the salt can be prepared with anticaking agent.

a.b.t. Salzkontor


a.b.t. GmbH supplies e.g. municipalities, DIY stores, commercial co-operation and wholesale dealers with de-icing salt. We respond to our customer individually according to their needs. In case of pickup we offer the customers to buy single pallets according to their individual demand.

Our deicing salt is available in PP-bags; on request we print the bags according to your demands.

You can purchase our road salt in various quantities.

a.b.t. Streusalz


Food salt supplies sodium and chloride and is an integral part of human nutrition.
It is quantitatively the most important mineral material and plays an essential role in our nutrition as a condiment as well as a preservative for foods.

a.b.t. food salt is sea salt and can be supplied in different granulations, further granulations available on request.



Sea salt is gained by the evaporation of sea water.
At the coasts the sea water is channeled into flat artificially build basins, the so-called drying pools. Salt beds are stratified and reaped mechanically or manually scraped together by the salt farmers.

This is probably the oldest method of the salt production.

a.b.t. sea salt can be supplied in different granulations, further granulations available on request.

a.b.t. Meersalz

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